rajesh kumar

Virtual Magic Shows

Are you organizing an online event and want something to keep your participants entertained, even after being separated by screens? Virtual magic shows are the perfect solution for you that can help you bring a creative element to your next remote event!

These wondrous and interactive online magic shows have tremendous potential to boost morale and make your team meetings, awards, summer drinks, and celebrations exceedingly engaging. The virtual magics are specially curated to embrace and establish a connection with the audience during the time of physical distancing, for a genuinely visceral, interactive, and live experience.

Best magician in India for an online magic show

Rajesh Kumar is an Illusionist, Magician, and Mind Reader who has skills and talent to revolutionize the way people perceive magic. The experienced magician has been performing for years now and has been featured in various national and regional TV shows.

Regardless of the age group or demographic, Rajesh can give you a wholly unique experience, making everyone laugh and shake their heads in disbelief. With him, a virtual magic show is much more than just magic and mind-reading, as he will take yours to an extraordinary venture that you can experience at your home or workplace. All of this is unlike watching a video or live stream where you do not get a chance to interact. Your group will be awed and thrilled in astonishment as they relax on their couches next to their loved ones, enjoying this unreal experience. The duration of the online magic show is customized based on the type of event.

Rajesh has performed virtual shows of all sizes, all over the world, and has thousands of hours of experience performing magic and mentalism for all ages.Be a part of this amazing virtual magic show, which includes close-up magic, stage magic, mind reading, and much more. You might also get a chance to learn a few cool and easy to do magic tricks. It is time to bring entertainment to YOUR living room to make sure you've got exciting plans every day!

Contact us now to endure in mind reading shows, see crazy online magic, and enjoy an astonishing performance. We will discuss to know what would work best for you, making your event a big blast.