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Glance and Roposo Gets Magician Rajesh Kumar Onboard for Magic Content

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India’s fastest growing and a very popular social media platform Roposo, owned by Glance, recently tied up with Magician and Illusionist Rajesh Kumar for magic shows. Glance is an artificial intelligence based software company that delivers personalised content to the lock screens of smartphones. Roposo, which is owned by Glance, is a platform where people can share videos on various topics and create amazing content. 

Glance came across Rajesh Kumar’s exceptional work and decided to get him on-board to create content related to magic and illusion on their platform. Various content creators and artists across fields are a part of Glance and now Rajesh Kumar got added in their team. As a part of this collaboration, Magician Rajesh Kumar performs on the platform where he showcases his brilliant magic skills to woo the audiences. Rajesh Kumar not only performs solo but also does one to one interaction with other creators and celebs on the Glance platform. Whether recorded videos on Roposo or live shows on Glance, the audiences watching Rajesh Kumar perform are always treated with a spectacular and mind blowing display of magic and illusion acts.