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Magician Rajesh kumar and Musician Amit trivedi comes Together for the promotion of Amit Trivedi's music album Jadoo Salona

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India's famous magician Rajesh Kumar and musician Amit Trivedi recently collaborated for the promotion of Amit Trivedi's music album "Jadoo Salona." This collaboration brought together the worlds of magic and music, creating a unique and entertaining experience for audiences.

Rajesh Kumar, also known as "The Show Man," is a renowned magician in India, known for his impressive stage performances and illusions. He has performed in various countries and has received numerous awards and accolades for his work.

Amit Trivedi is a highly acclaimed Indian musician, known for his unique style and versatility. He has composed music for many films and albums and has won several awards for his work.

Together, Rajesh Kumar and Amit Trivedi created a magical experience for audiences during the promotion of "Jadoo Salona." They shot promotional video on Juhu Beach where Rajesh amazed Amit trivedi with his real magic

The collaboration between these two talented artists was a success, as it brought together the worlds of magic and music in a unique and exciting way. It also helped to promote Amit Trivedi's music album, "Jadoo Salona," to a wider audience. This collaboration is a perfect example of how different forms of art can come together to create something truly magical.

Magician Rajesh Kumar, also known as "The Magic Man," has worked with the promotion of the film "Now You See Me 2" in the past. He was part of the team that promoted the film by performing illusions and magic tricks inspired by the film's storyline. This helped to create buzz and excitement around the film's release. Rajesh Kumar's involvement in the promotion of "Now You See Me 2" highlights his versatility and ability to adapt his craft to different mediums and platforms.


Rajesh Kumar also regularly works with Bollywood, providing magic and illusion-based performances for various film promotions, award shows, and events. His expertise and skills in the field of magic have made him a sought-after performer for Bollywood productions. He has also been part of several reality shows and documentaries on Indian television showcasing his craft. Rajesh Kumar's ability to bring magic to the forefront and making it more accessible to the masses is one of the reasons he is so sought after in the industry.